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See ya.

Got ya.

What's Poppin'? There are people and brands that are a perfect match. As match makers, we are driven to create more and more such connections and thus improve the status quo. Regardless of whether it's e-commerce, lead generation or social recruiting - as interpreters, we translate your brand's messages into the language of social media so that every message, all news, facts and information from your brand brings the result you really need. No matter whether sales, leads or applicants. With a sophisticated, coordinated strategy, we run organic campaigns and place paid ads. Impact start, fresh and relevant to the target group directly into the minds of your customers. That's Poppin'! Just try it out.


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Sell it like it is.

We make social media the fastest and best-promoting of all your channels. Whether placing product or brand messages, selling products in e-commerce, generating leads or being your number 1 for efficient digital personal recruiting: we develop strategy, creation and implementation for accurate awareness, resonance and response.

How? We ask questions, conduct market research and design 100% data-driven ads and posts, messages and activities and test them again and again and again and again so that they get directly under the skin, from there into the head and then stay there . As an official Meta Agency partner, we always have our finger on the pulse and recognize trends long before they appear on the screen. We manage all steps for you from the first serve to long-term recurring successes. Exactly what you want? Well then: Get in touch & let us sell: With What’s Poppin’.



#1 social media performance marketing

#2 social media company strategy

#3 social media execution

#4 social media content creation

Founders of MYLE and What's Poppin' - Fabian Steindorf, Robin Tiburtius & Lennart Vogt
+49 176 3261 57 19
Fabian Steindorf
+49 176 4392 13 29
Robin Tiburtius
+49 157 5411 68 72
Lennart Vogt
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social first.

It has to fit. It has to make sense. And meet the language. Bringing people together with brands, target groups with products, picking up their emotions and their needs and taking them with them. In the relevant set, the coolest offers need one thing above all: to be liked. Brain follows heart. Always.

That's why we like to go the extra mile. Only when creativity and performance, numbers and crazy ideas, trends and marketing tools, academic facts and emotional insights, inspiration and intuition are a unit will we be where we want to be together. Coincidence is not a category. The output must be 100% data-driven, 100% mind-proven. Then it’s from: What’s Poppin’.



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We only do what we can – but do it particularly well. And that doesn't just apply to our founders Robin, Lennart & Fabian, but for the entire What’s Poppin’ team. Everyone is enthusiastic about the endless possibilities in social media, everyone is just short of nerd and freak, but everyone is always solution-, success- and business-oriented. From Munich with full focus on your business! 

Creative and strategic natives who combine their strengths for you to get things moving.

Sounds convincing? Is it. See for yourself – for best results: Better call What’s Poppin’.

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»go« MYLE.


Pulse in the red zone. The Fast & Glorious come – experience the most beautiful, fastest and most exciting thing that moves us. 3 days full of ingenious design and high-end technology. No trade fair! A festival event of lifestyle and mobility with a full-emotion guarantee. Discover now: In one of the hottest locations in Munich. Afterwards you only want one thing: MORE MYLE.

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